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WildMan Steve the veteran Long Island DJ/ and on air personality started to make it happen in 1987 at WBAU FM. There he teamed up with radio and TV veteran Dr. Dre in the Operating Room until 1988. Then in 1990 WildMan Steve and DJ Riz formed The Hip Hop Spot also at WBAU and they went on to win the 1994 Gavin Seminar College/Community Rap station of the year award. In 1996 WildMan Steve was awarded Rap College/Community Programmer of the year. WildMan Steve has interviewed so many people in the game today i.e. Busta Rhymes, Wu- Tang Clan, Masta Ace, Leaders Of The New School, De La Soul, Funk Master Flex, A Tribe Called Quest,Star, Parrish Smith, Naughty By Nature, Dougie Fresh, Public Enemy, Mobb Deep, The Gravediggaz, Mikey D, Grandaddy I.U., The Intelligent Hoodlum, Slick Rick, MC Serch, King Sun, Das Efx, Large Professor, Kool G. Rapp and Polo, Power Rule, Miss Jones, Craig Mack, Keith Murray, Lin Que, JVC Force, Organized Confusion, Cocoa Chanelle, UltraMagnetic MC's, The Fugees, Cypress Hill, Mad Lion, YZ, The UMC's, Davey DMX, Lord Finesse, Lord Jamar, Black Moon, Chino XL, A.D.O.R. just to name a few. Monday nights from 10 PM - 2 AM WildMan Steve and DJ Riz ruled the air waves. You never knew who you would hear on that show. DJ's such as DJ Avee, Sizzahands, Spinbad, Johnny Juice, DJ Eclipse, LS One, DJ Dummy, DJ Skribble, Slynke, DJ White Lightning would always be in the building. That show was the original home of Hip Hop and where Cipha Sounds got his start. When WildMan Steve cracks the mic and speaks and you hear his melodious voice you are compelled to listen. He is also a master of vocal characterizations of people, voices and classic cartoons. In 1999 he teamed up with Rap veterans Chuck D and Gary G Wiz to help form the pioneering internet radio station Bringthenoise.com. He hosted two weekly shows The Count Down Show an hour long show featuring the hottest top ten joints of the week. The Hip Hop Spot was the other weekly show which featured classic old school and underground hits. In 2001 WildMan took his talents to television with Sub Culture Radio a weekly hour long radio video show on Cablevision's Public Access where he interviews current and Old School artist as well as play their videos. Currently, this show is still airing Mon. nights on Cable. Then in 2004 Chuck D asked him to host Back To The Tracks on his World Wide Hip Hop Count Down. The Back To The Tracks segment of the show is where WildMan Steve takes the listeners back in time with Hip Hop classics, and Old School R&B with information pertaining to the artist and events that took place during that time. And when he says "Back in The Day" he means it, he's not referring to the year 1999 like some Rap Stations do. He goes back to 1979 the year that Rap music was recorded on vinyl records. You can check out WildMan Steve every weekend on Party105!

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