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If you were to ask Mike Turkowitz, aka Hip Hop Mike, where he saw himself 10 years ago, he would have told you either tossing pizza or cutting hair somewhere on Ave U in Brooklyn.

Born and raised in New York City, while moving across the five boroughs and Long Island, Mike has always had a passion for anything having to do with Hip Hop and New York radio. As a teenager, Mike was sent to a group home on Long Island where he spent his time listening to his favorite stations and reaching out to personalities he idolized via social media. During the course of that time he received a response from Peter Rosenberg, who gave him some advice and encouragement. Upon leaving the group home, Hip Hop Mike moved to Marine Park, Brooklyn to finish High School and work part time as a barber.

In 2008 Mike would run into Rosenberg at a concert and asked if there was any work he could do for him. Rosenberg agreed to bring Mike on as his personal assistant where he got his first break in entertainment and eventually transitioned to a job in radio. Moving to Long Island while focusing on a future as one of New Yorks premier radio personalities/ Dj’s Mike continues to break new artists and bring his message of remaining genuine to Party 105.

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