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Bruno Mars plans "global domination" as "creative visionary" for SelvaRey brand rum

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagicYou may not be aware of the fact that Bruno Mars has had an equity stake in a rum brand called SelvaRey for the past six years.  But now he's planning to help the brand take over the world.

According to Bloomberg, Bruno now has a new title: "creative visionary" for the brand. "My friends are always asking me, ‘Where can I get this bottle?’ So I decided I wanted to take it to a funkier place,” he tells Bloomberg.

“The goal is global domination. Rum takes you on an instant vacation,” he adds. “I drink it and I want to start dancing.”

Noting the rum's new slogan -- "Tropical Luxury" -- the Hawaii-born singer laughs, "How can you say tropical luxury and not think Bruno Mars?” 

SelvaRey is produced in Panama and comes in two styles: white and chocolate, priced between $30 and $35 a bottle.

Bruno was involved in redesigning the booze's bottle, and even refining the flavors.

“It was a science lab at my house at one point,” he says. “This is amazing, this is gross—that’s what it boils down to.”

Speaking with Travel Leisure, Bruno says he's partial to rum, having grown up in Hawaii.

"Rum is like the instant vacation drink ...I used to perform in Waikiki and I'd just see everyone with a Mai Tai in their hand, a Piña Colada in their hand, rum punch in their hand, you know, and it's just joy," he notes.

Discussing his approach to surviving quarantine, the Grammy-winner says, "You know, if there's any way we can smile through this thing, it's going to be through music. Why not pair that with a delicious drink?”

🍹✨🌴 @SelvaReyRum

— Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars) November 17, 2020

By Andrea Dresdale
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