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What's up I'm Just Joe!!! At 1st look you would never guess I'm into Star Wars, read comics heavily (Deadpool fan) and play MMORPGs (right now playing SWTOR) but that's my me. My life is filled with random outlandish weirdness! I fell into radio by mistake trying to impress some girl in college that worked at the college radio station. Needless to say I ended up falling in love with radio and not the girl. So I have been on this journey in radio for a while now and I'm here to make you think, smile, laugh, or just say what the hell is this guy ranting about. Cool little fun facts about me..I'm anti-Instagram and don't have one, I can actually DJ (I go by DJ Frozac), I'm president of the Kanye West Long Island Fan Club and I'm horrible at French kissing (according to ex's) .

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