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Check out Alfredo on Party 105 weekdays 10AM-2PM! He'll get your work day going playing the best party music around! And every day at Noon, DJ Impact invades the show with his 90s At Noon Mix! Request your favorite 90s throwback jam by calling the Party line at 631-580-1053 or find us on Facebook at! Fridays is all about Freestyle Friday on Party 105!

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Alfredo Bio


 ALFREDO'S ON YOUR RADIO HELPING TO GET YOU THROUGH THE WORK WEEK 10AM-1PM --- First off, yes Alfredo is my real name, you can thank my parents for that. I've heard every pasta and sauce joke you can imagine ... and they all still make me giggle. I attended Suffolk Community College for film production but soon wandered my way over to Connecticut school of Broadcasting in Westbury, Long Island and fell in love with radio. From there I went on to have my own show on WLIE and then weekends and overnights at WBLI. And now I've finally made it to the big time, Keeping you entertained while you're at work(or at least keeping you from falling asleep at your desk). So catch me everyday from 10am-1pm on Party FM. Let's do lunch! (only if you pay though).


Hometown: North Babylon, NY


Birthday: September 4th


Likes: Things that smell nice, The Mets (when they don't make me want to throw a brick through my television), The Giants, Old people, David Hasselhoff, Dave Chappelle, those hot women on spanish tv who I can't understand but are so damn cute, being on the radio (that should have come first, lol), and Quentin Tarantino movies.


Dislikes: The Mets (when they do make me want to throw a brick through my television), Losing at anything... I'm very competitive, people who are ALWAYS in a bad mood, Carlos Mencia and that's pretty much it, I'm a pretty happy person.


Favorite TV Show: Geeze this is tough..... The Simpsons, Entourage, True Blood, Family Guy, Eastbound and Down, Grey's Anatomy (shhhh don't tell anyone), Dexter, Weeds, The Office..... did I have to pick just one?!?!


Favorite Movie: My all time favorite movie is Clockwork Orange (if you haven't seen it go rent it, and don't let your kids watch it with you, lol). But 25th hour and Pulp Fiction come in at a close 2nd and 3rd.


Favorite Artist: Jay-Z, Eminem, Kany West, Taio Cruz, Katy Perry, Mike Posner, Bruno Mars. Damien Rice.... to give the politically correct answer, I work in radio I love them all, hahaha.


Secret Crush: Not so much of a secret, especially to my girlfriend who doesn't even watch any of their movies because of me... but I LOVE Mila Kunis and I enjoy Megan Fox. If I didn't work in radio I'd be their stalker. Just kidding, but seriously, lol.

Secret Talent: I actually love playing the guitar and singing, When no ones around or watching I like to get my John Mayer and Jack Johnson on.


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